Ways That Different Industries Can Save On Their Energy Bills

Energy Bills

An exorbitant electricity bill causes headaches not only for household but also for owners of big companies. Singapore is a technologically advanced cosmopolitan housing different types of business; from restaurants to hotels. Projects to maintain and develop such projects consume large amount of electricity and thus the owners need to plan their schemes to conserve energy, in order to keep operational cost as low as possible.

Be it manufacturing industries or multiplex cinemas, electricity is needed to run every building and corporation. Therefore, the focus should be around finding ways to minimise energy usage and still give the best outcome.

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Here are few easy ways in which different industries can manage their energy consumption.

Switching to LED lights

This is probably the cheapest and most effective way to minimise energy consumption. LEDs can be used to at many areas, including light hotel lobbies or restaurant toilets. Using LED lights at these places saves energy as compared to traditional incandescent lighting by up to 75%.

Not only that, it is longer lasting than traditional light bulbs meaning that replacement cost (e.g. material cost, servicing fee) is less of an issue in the long-term.

Initiating an Energy Conservation Committee

Small and large scale industries can follow the practice of having an energy conservation committee that works and designs schemes that will control the energy consumption. In addition to environmental benefits, the money saved from conserving energy can be put to innovative schemes.

Having active CSR efforts towards the environment by creating this committee shows commitment towards a sustainable future and a responsible companies. Instead of saving money, your factory might just earn money by attracting investors in the long run.

Utilise the sun’s abundant store of energy

Smartly utilising the daylight can do wonders for hotels and open kitchens. Beach sides restaurants and open parks can easily benefit from the sunlight. Instead of switching on the lights, these places can arrange the decor in a way that will allow maximum sunlight into the rooms.

Further, installing solar panels can be very helpful and saves you from spending huge amounts on electricity as electricity generated from each area can be utilised locally. This way you also contribute towards a sustainable environment.

Conduct yearly audits

This is more suitable for large corporations. By having an audit, you will get a better idea of how much energy is consumed by the different departments, multiple appliances or by different buildings. These audits help detect areas where energy conservation is possible. More importantly, doing audits allow a corporation to detect electricity usage blind spots. This will help you analyse your yearly electric consumption, thereby, aiding you in planning and picking more suitable schemes for the next fiscal year.

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Decide on a suitable electricity plan

With the introduction of Open Electricity Market (OEM), it has become possible to choose a convenient electricity plan that covers your every need in Singapore. Therefore, for big industries it might be of great help to select a customised electricity plan from a reputable retailer. This will not only minimise the energy consumption but also gives them the flexibility to choose from multiple electricity plans.

In a competitive era, it is not only important for industries to expand their business and reach new heights. They have to deliver efficient products and services without wasting much of the energy. Therefore, the industries should shift their focus on minimising their energy consumption for better finances and also for the good of the planet.

Why wait? Compare electricity options from a range of plans and start saving on your company’s electricity bills today!