What Are the Top Industries in Virginia?

What Are the Top Industries in Virginia?

Virginia has always been a kind of jewel of the United States. It was the site of the first permanent British settlement in the United States, multiple presidents have hailed from there, and it is the state around which the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. was built.

People love living there, for its economy, education, job market, things to do, and places to see. Of course, none of this would be possible without a few strong industries to keep things going and make everyone some money.

If you’re thinking of buying up one of the beautiful Alexandria houses for sale and are wondering what kinds of jobs are around to support the lifestyle, let us help.

Here are a few of the top industries in the state of Virginia.


The “services” industry covers so much, but once we break it down, you will see how important services really are to the overall economy of Virginia.

The state’s private healthcare is considered a service, and it is going strong as it is in many other states. Trade, operations, and particularly government services make up other parts of the state’s 66% devotion to services.

Jobs in the public sector–i.e., for the federal and state government–are huge in Virginia, and they pay as well as you would think. If you can get into one of these service-based jobs in Virginia, we think you will be very happy.


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Of course, not everyone in Virginia puts on a suit and tie every day. Agriculture is a huge part of Virginia’s economy, seeing as so much of the state is covered in green wilderness and farmland.

Jobs in agriculture employ hundreds of thousands of Virginians and bring in tens of billions of dollars annually. We’re talking about tobacco farms, dairy farms, vegetable farms, forestry, fisheries along the coast and in the Chesapeake Bay, and so much more.

All the food and plant-based products that Virginians use every day has to come from somewhere, and this is why these industries continue to thrive.

It goes without saying that agriculture is a crucial part of what makes Virginia what it is, and it has done so for centuries.


The other strong industry in the Virginian economy is technology. Online engineering, computer chips, software, and a host of other technological sectors are included in this, and the technology industry overall employs Virginians across the state.

Also included in this are the growing biotechnology and nanotechnology companies within the state, which keep Virginia in the here and now of technological development.

Of course, there are plenty of other, smaller industries that contribute to the overall Virginia economy. There is manufacturing, food production, logistics and shipping, and real estate development, among still others.

But Virignians are happy. Their state is one of historical import and prestige, and these factors owe at least some of their existence to the success of these top industries in Virginia. Now you know a bit more about one of America’s oldest states!