What To Look For When Choosing A Portfolio Folder

It’s easy to overlook a portfolio file folder; after all, even the best file folders are meant to be tucked away in a filing cabinet, only to be brought out when needed.

However, even if your brown portfolio folders spend the majority of their life in a drawer; you should still get the most out of them when you do bring them out. You cannot do so unless you know how to pick the right folder for the right occasion.

And in this article, we are going to explore what you need to know when choosing brown portfolio folders.


If you’re running an organization, you need more heavy-duty folders than a student who only needs their folder to last a semester.

The longevity of a folder boils down to the material of the folder. There are plenty of materials to choose from, including laminated file folders and paperboard file folders.

Plastic-based file folders are long-lasting but costlier, while the paper-based file folders are cheaper and may last if taken care of.

While at it, you might want to consider the reinforced files over the standard file folders. Also, consider whether your file has prongs, and if it does, ensure the prongs can withstand regular handling and use. Ideally, the prongs should have a sturdy metal construction and a robust glue attachment.


A common mistake we see when purchasing folders is ordering the wrong size.

Before investing in a file folder, ensure that you get a size that will fit your cabinet or a file organizer.

Again, you need to consider the particular use of your folder. For instance, both letter and legal folders have a different dimension and shape that corresponds with a letter and legal-size paper. So, these folders are slightly larger than the standard folders.


Still, on the size, you need to consider the volume or rather the capacity of your brown portfolio folders. Think ahead of the volume of the folders before grabbing what your eyes sets on first.

Cheaply designed folders are limiting and may only hold a few sheets of paper, whereas the expanding folders and reinforced folders can hold much more.


If you rarely access your folders, there is no need of worrying about the security of the sheets in them. However, if you are a person who’s always on the move, traveling with a file full of documents or maybe run an organization like a medical or law firm with full of confidential reports, you would want to purchase folder that keeps all its contents securely.


The choice of color is a personal decision, and you can choose to go with any color that you think is appealing to you.

Generally, however, if you’re looking for a casual and semi-professional folder, we recommend that you choose the not-so-bright colors for your folders.

Orange or pink is a big no, while brown portfolio folders end to strike a balance between functionality and appeal.

Brown is also quite universal, and it can complement most of the office or home décor, thus a win-win choice for you. For more information, explore iCarryalls.