Which Are the 6 Top Hair Factories and Distributors in China?

Which Are the 6 Top Hair Factories and Distributors in China?

When selecting the best hair factories, making decisions can be relatively simple. After doing a lot of research, we’ve put together a list of the top six Chinese hair suppliers and manufacturers in this post, along with a short summary of their qualifications.

The Factory of TedHair

In addition to selling hair extensions, the TedHair hair factory also makes them. It also offers special deals for people who buy in bulk, run salons, start new businesses, and sell online.

The Ted Hair Factory hopes to help you expand your hair and beauty enterprises by offering dependable services. It obtains hair from many origins, including Brazil, Malaysia, India, Peru, etc.

TedHair says that all of its hair products come from 100% virgin hair and are shipped from China to several countries worldwide. There is no minimum order size at the TedHair hair factory, so you can buy just one bundle or many bundles as you need.

New Times Hair

New Times Hair is a full-service entity. They are well-rounded, from manufacturing to distribution, retailing, and custom services. New Times Hair offers bundles of hair and wholesale hair extensions at factory direct prices. If you are about to start a hair business, they can be your coach, guiding you through.

Now, they work with more than 3000 salon owners, qualified hairstylists, and regional sellers from more than 200 countries. A lot of them were started with the support of New Times Hair. As they are the manufacturer, supplier, and distributor, everything along the supply chain can be quickly done through them. Their advanced website can also help you locate your salon or warehouse within seconds.

New Times Hair supplies 100% virgin human hair. Human hair comes from different places and is put together in ways that make it look soft and natural. Hair bundles are very reasonably priced. You can get in touch with the vendor without contacting the sourcing agency.

The Hair Factory XBL

A Chinese manufacturer of hair extensions that produce virgin hair wigs, the XBL Hair Factory, claims to have 25 years of experience in the field.

Along with making and selling standard hair extensions, the factory also makes hair accessories, lace wigs, closure wigs, and other items.

Free shipping and drop shipment are the XBL Hair Factory’s standout services.

It also has options for customization, so you can add your company’s logo to the products’ packaging, tags, and labels. The business promises to give you other services and a competitive price.

The Hair Factory at Leis

The Leis Hair Factory claims to have 20 years of experience in hair manufacturing and sales. It provides hair extensions sourced from various countries. The Leis Hair Factory carries the following hair extensions:

extensions of Indian hair

extended hair from Malaysia

extension hair from Peru

Brazilian hair wigs

Ombre hair accessories

The factory is in Guangdong, China, and it exports 100% virgin hair to many nations. To place orders and ask questions, you can contact the merchant online.

Human hair exports big business in rural Chinese county | CTV News

The Hair Factory in Kabeliu

The Kabeliu, or KBL Hair Factory, is a place that sells hair extensions. It used to be in China. It offers wholesale prices on hair extensions and other hair accessories. With a monthly manufacturing capacity of more than 50 tons, the KBL Hair Factory has 13 years of experience in this industry.

It offers unprocessed, natural, 100% virgin hair to its customers. Similar to natural hair, you can dye the extensions any color. Human hair is used by KBL Hair Factory. The hair keeps its natural look because it is not treated with chemicals.

According to the KBL hair factory, most hair donors are young girls under 18.

Fedu Henan Industrial

Hair extension suppliers and manufacturers include Henan Fedu Industrial. Both virgin and Remy hair extensions are available.

The organization, based in China but offering services worldwide, has a research division developing designs and manufacturing facilities.

Small businesses are the target market for the company, and the hair extensions are sold at wholesale prices.

The business asserts that it has been in the industry for more than 25 years. It demonstrates

Virgin and Remy hair extensions from China

Virgin and Remy hair extensions from Europe

Virgin and Remy hair extensions from India

Virgin and Remy hair extensions from Mongolia

Virgin and Remy hair extensions from Malaysia

Virgin and Remy hair extensions from Brazil

Henan Fedu Industrials states that they only work with human hair.


Now you have a basic understanding of what each hair factory or manufacturer does. It is not about which hair factory is the best but about which suits you and will help you achieve your goal. And that will be your best hair factory or manufacturer.