Why Aren’t There More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

Electric Vehicle Charging

We have all read the articles about the shortage of electric vehicle charging stations here in the US and in many other countries around the world. And, while we can discuss which states need to do more for the EV infrastructure, it would be more beneficial to look at the reasons why we don’t see more electric vehicle charging stations around yet.

So, what are the reasons? Exactly why aren’t there more electric vehicle charging stations in the US? Fortunately for electric vehicle owners, there aren’t really that many reasons and, for the most part, these reasons are easily solved.

3 Reasons Why There Aren’t More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations In The US

Industry Confidence- the first reason that we do not see more electric vehicle charges stations is industry confidence. Is the electric car worth it and will people buy them? This is the question that companies need to ask themselves before investing in and creating a widespread charging system infrastructure.

Price- electric vehicle charging stations are expensive. And, once they are designed, manufactured and installed, they must be powered up and maintained. This can increase the cost of a charging station infrastructure to the point where it is no longer a good investment.

Electric Vehicle Charging Plug- finally, the plugs used to charge electric vehicles varies by manufacturer. Ford has its own EV plug, just as Tesla, General Motors, Toyota and Hyundai do. There is also another type of plug that is designed just for the rapid charging version of each manufacturer’s electric vehicle. Confused yet? Why can’t everything be as simple as a solar powered vehicle?

With charging station manufacturers having to design charging stations with multiple plug style, that is, after they get approval from the EV manufacturer, it could be less cost effective.

Without enough electric vehicle charging stations available, consumers might reconsider their decision to purchase an electric vehicle. This could lead many new car buyers to solar powered vehicles as we begin to see an increase in solar powered vehicle development and a renewed increase in solar power overall.

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