Why Custom Lanyards Are Great For Promotional Marketing

Custom lanyards enhance the security of your workplace and staff. You know the boss’s full name and position by taking a glance at the string around their neck. Have you forgotten a colleague’s name? Not to worry when everyone is wearing ID – a lanyard has a cooler feeling than your typical badge, anyway. A person donning a labelled cable doesn’t only look clever; they look professional, too. Like someone who knows what they’re talking about. It’s funny how a simple lasso can say so much. Because of the impressions that come to mind when we see a lanyard, it isn’t a stretch to say that they are an excellent promotional marketing tool.

Lanyards are Cost-Efficient and Straightforward.

Cheap and simple, the effectiveness of that lasso around your neck hasn’t lessened over the years. While low cost, a strong custom lanyard is comprised of tightly woven fabric, dyed, and secure. They stand the test of time and clumsiness – has your lanyard slipped from your head through a gale? Has your ID badge dipped into your coffee mug at work? Did you lose your company card when you didn’t attach it to a lanyard? – no matter the circumstance, your identification will come away unscathed and your lanyard intact.

People Like Me Will Think Of The Song “Scratchcard Lanyard” By The British Band Dry Cleaning.

Yep, this one is a little curveball. But, I guarantee you this: When you hear this song for the first time, I doubt you will forget it quickly. Anchored by a riveting bassline and Florence Shaw’s stream-of-consciousness, genuinely hilarious lyrics (“I think of myself as a hardy banana with that waxy surface and the small delicate flowers,” “A woman in aviators firing a bazooka,” “Why don’t you want oven chips now?” are the highlights), “Scratchcard Lanyard” is a treat for multiple circles of people: for post-punk fans, Dry Cleaning feel refreshing yet respectful to classic groups like The Fall; for weirdos; for people who don’t consider themselves singers but want to be in a band, and for people who want to customise their work lanyard.

Custom Lanyards Will Provide Your Company With Extra Brand Exposure.

There’s no ifs or buts about it; our world today is supremely competitive. Anyone with a brand – be it a CEO of a major company or an independent blogger – knows that the promotion never stops. To have the option of etching your company name or your position within the workplace on a lanyard is a unique opportunity to ID yourself and stretch promotion as we know it. A snazzy, rainbow-coloured lanyard is eye-catching. A lanyard that identifies someone as “McDONALDS STAFF” even more so – kids sure love walking to McDonald’s after school, wouldn’t it be great to tell a staff member they’re doing a great job when you see them walking around?

Customising Your Lanyard is an Unlikely Source of Creativity.

By getting yourself a branded lanyard, you’re ready to take the next step – customising your badge reel and ID cardholder. Allow yourself to go hands-free when the situation calls for it. Savvy and practical, a stretching badge reel enables access within the work building. Go for different colours and styles; why not invite extra exposure to your company? Why not have fun with your obligatory identification cards and lanyards? Customising the whole set doesn’t just promote your work, but it also allows your creativity to come out in full force. How often do full-time workers get to stretch their creativity by painting, drawing, building LEGO models, or sculpting something spectacular? Time for you to shine.