Wikigains Analyses The Trend Of Gen Z Using Mobile Coupons

If you ask people where they find the best deals, they will unanimously say their mobile phones. No wonder, the smartphone has become a source for information, ideas, entertainment, deals, and almost everything else you can imagine. Wikigains says the preference for mobile coupons is higher with younger generation compared to those above their 50s.

A study showed that Gen Z and millennials shoppers prefer using mobile coupons over print/ paper versions to save money on purchases. The older population is not as eager or quick at accepting the new technology. In a survey 70% of the people above 55 years of age said that they would use a mobile phone for coupons only if they could redeem the coupon in their smartphone.

Are Mobile Coupons Better Than Their Paper Counterparts?

Although paper coupons have been around for years, we cannot deny that mobile coupons offer several benefits over them. The later is much more convenient to carry along and you don’t need to tuck a piece of folded paper in your pocket. Retailers are also fast identifying the importance of mobile coupons, hence many times they are integrated with loyalty programs and store apps. This enables manufacturers and retailers to send offers to smartphone directly through text messages.

Mobile coupons are released timely and have all the finer details mentioned at one place. You don’t need to scour the Sunday newspaper to hunt for coupons like in the case of the paper version. In your mobile phone, you can also compare the prices instantly to know the value of the discount offered.

As the mobile coupons are delivered digitally, they make the customers more aware of the brands and goods, which serves as a part of internet marketing strategy. According to a survey by wikigains, more than 65% of customers said that mobile coupons helped them know a brand well. Retailers also benefit from understanding of customer behavior based on personalized shopping and they send only the kind of coupons you would actually need.

One major downside of mobile coupons is the difficulty of stacking the coupons together, or doubling/ tripling them to get more discounts. Some stores may allow you to use a mobile coupon to save on a large number of items, but for most cases you can only apply it to one product. You cannot stack mobile coupons like you can do with the paper counterpart.

Wikigains Says Gen Z Prefers Mobile Coupons

A recent study showed that the young customers are always in the search of things that can do more in less time. Mobile coupons fit into their fast lifestyle and there is no clipping or cutting involved. As a result, the younger generation calls the adoption of mobile coupons a pleasant experience. In the last 5 years, the user experience involving the digital coupons and apps have also improved significantly and data security is one of the main reasons behind its popularity.

While the older generation is lagging behind in terms of mobile coupons, the men are fast moving towards the digital couponing phase. Hopefully, in the next 10 years, more people will appreciate the benefits of using mobile coupons, says wikigains.