Your Guide To Solar Power in Florida

Your Guide To Solar Power in Florida

Florida is known as the Sunshine State thanks to its high temperatures and ample amount of sunlight. That second factor makes homes in the state great possibilities for a switch to solar power.

Homeowners all across the country have been adopting solar more and more frequently over the past couple of years. Solar power in Florida has also been on the rise, with homeowners drawn to it for the environmental and financial benefits.

What is the state of solar in Florida, and why might you want to consider a switch to solar if you reside there and haven’t already? Understanding the many benefits of solar can really help to give context to the situation. What do you need to understand?

Read on and we’ll walk you through the details.

State of Solar Power in Florida

What is the solar power scene like in the state of Florida? As you might have been able to guess, solar power is more popular in Florida than in many states across the country.

Florida is actually one of the leading states when it comes to solar power installation, with the number of homeowners adopting the energy source on a constant trend upwards.

There are many reasons why Florida homeowners have taken to solar so seriously. For one, as we mentioned, the ample amount of sunlight that is provided to most homes in the region makes it easy to harvest the amount of energy the average home needs.

Compare the access to sunlight that a Floridian gets as compared to someone that lives in Seattle, for example, and you’ll understand the advantage that Florida residents have when it comes to enjoying this energy source.

In addition, the Florida state government has put a number of incentives in place that can help homeowners to bring the cost of solar panel installation down.

There are generous buy-back rates in Florida, as well as the Florida state sales tax exemption. On top of these financial incentives, there is the property tax exemption in Florida and the federal solar tax rebate that Floridians can still get access to on top of these other discounts.

If you combine all these various discounts and offers, you find that Floridians can get solar power at their homes at a much cheaper rate than many other Americans. No wonder adoption is so high!

It’s much easier to see a positive ROI quicker in Florida when it comes to solar panel installation.

Seeking Solar Panel Installation

Getting solar installed in Florida also couldn’t be easier. There are a number of reputable solar companies across the state, with those like BlueRaven Solar receiving rave reviews from clients and customers.

Solar Energy: Benefits and Safety Risks | The Hartford

Jeb Bush made huge strides for solar energy as far back as 2007, so there has been plenty of time for the private sector to step up to the plate within the state of Florida.

There should be enough companies that you can ask around and compare prices in your area. Competition like this should help to drive prices down to a reasonable rate and allows installation to occur at more affordable levels.

Benefits of Solar in Florida

Why might you want to make the switch to solar in the state of Florida? There are many reasons, and most of them aren’t unique to Florida specifically. Rather, the people of Florida are in a better position to take advantage of the same benefits of solar that exist everywhere.

For one, solar power helps you to save financially over time. No one likes having to fork over a ton of money to a utility company at the end of each month. With solar, you can greatly limit or even avoid entirely the need for these payments.

As soon as a solar power system is installed, you can begin to use it to generate electricity for your home, free of charge. The more electricity that you harness, the less you’ll need to rely on the energy from the grid.

This can help to keep your energy bills at extremely low rates. If you do create excess energy, the utility company will even buy it back from you in the form of credits, allowing for more money-saving to occur.

Over the years, this can all add up to serious savings.

In addition, a solar power system tends to help increase the value of a home. Homebuyers see a solar system as a way for them to save when living at a property and thus will be willing to put up more cash to move in.

Last but not least, a solar panel system can allow a Florida homeowner to feel better about their impact on the environment. Making the switch to clean, affordable, and renewable energy is the way of the future.

Most homeowners feel good about powering their home in this kind of natural way, as opposed to the more damaging traditional ways we’ve relied upon in the past.

If you’re looking to install solar panels at your home, these benefits are going to be very hard to beat.

Investing in a Home Solar System

What’s the state of solar power in Florida like? If you were uncertain of the many benefits of solar within the sunshine state, the above information should help to fill you in.

The residents of Florida are well-positioned to take advantage of all the benefits that solar energy has to offer.

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